Kubernetes consultancy

Thanks to Kubernetes we help businesses to build and maintain modern Cloud-Native applications and infrastructures.

SparkFabrik is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

SparkFabrik is a proud member of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. We realized from the start what great opportunities Kubernetes has to offer, and have been using it to help businesses to reach their goals adopting DevOps practices, guaranteeing reliability and scalability in the orchestration of the production containers.

As Kubernetes Certified Service Provider we offer a range of Kubernetes services, from consulence to implementation in a wider Cloud-native scenario. In addition to that, we provide specific training and support to best prepare your business to start its journey with Kubernetes.

Our experience to achieve your goals with Kubernetes.

Why Kubernetes

  • Scalability and costs optimization

    Guaranteeing scalability of an infrastructure, managing traffic peaks both in highs, assuring continuity of service, and in lows, cutting costs, is fundamental for the desired business results.

  • Incremented deploy frequency

    Incrementing the deployment frequency allows us to correct errors faster, implement new features and have a short cycle of customer feedback data. The evolution speed and time to market are critical in the modern market.

  • Ready for change

    An architecture based on Kubernetes offers you the agility necessary to take on the challenges of an ever-changing market, even the ones you couldn’t predict.

A roadmap for the adoption of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is today the most advanced tool for the orchestration of containers at your disposal. Thanks to our Cloud-Native Engineers its implementation happens in predictable and safe times. Together we’ll write a program made of one or more of the following phases.

Kubernetes implementation

The first step to implement Kubernetes is formulating a tailor made solution after an assessment of the status quo. Subsequently it is possible to design the necessary infrastructures and provision them, putting to use CI/CP pipelines to guarantee a dynamic management of every component of the architecture. Lastly we’ll monitor the architecture’s performance with the use of logging tools and metrics, guaranteeing at the same time the architecture’s safety by implementing backup and restore solutions.

Application Containerization

A possible scenario concerns the modernization of a legacy application or service in a Cloud-Native terms. The implementation of a migration strategy of an application containerized on Kubernetes is a critical step in this kind of process. Read our Application Modernization services to learn more about it.

On-site training

Our training programs are modular, dispensed in sessions tailored for your team’s needs in an informal, concrete and strongly experience-based way. They are comprehensive of practical tests, dialogue-oriented explanations and interactive and ludic activities designed to fix the fundamental concepts thanks to experience-based learning techniques. On-site Kubernetes training is dispensed both singularly, or as part of a broader training program.


We offer a support service tailored on your needs, working on already running Kubernetes architectures. Our monitoring solutions will allow you to get to know potential problems before they have a chance to harm your business. In addition to that, we can implement our backup/recovery solutions in any type of scenario guaranteeing security to your application.

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Our technologies

Cloud Native

Kubernetes consultancy in practice

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