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SparkFabrik è una tech company di engineers, developers e designers capace di pensare, progettare e sviluppare applicazioni custom, modernizzare sistemi legacy e accompagnare i clienti dell’era del Cloud Native.

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Because we know the Cloud

The Cloud Native Transformation is a revolution that must be governed and we have learned to do this together with our customers, such as Borsa Italiana, AgID, London Stock Exchange, Caleffi, Zambon, Agenzia delle Entrate, Il Giornale, Sky, Cerved, Telethon, Calciomercato.com, Deltatre, Loro Piana, Centro Medico Santagostino, Unguess, Eutelsat, Università Bocconi, La Scuola Editore, Ecolab and Culligan. We design and develop Cloud Native applications and have developed a modular Cloud Native Journey to ease the transition for your team.

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We know the importance of smooth processes: we can offer you from the first contact to deployment in production, whether it is a new greenfield web application, a mobile app or modernising an existing application. We will be a unique reference because we are able to follow the customer all the way, with an Agile approach that leads to a reduction of the project’s time to market. We avoid outsourcing activities in order to maintain quality control of the entire process and ensure the best possible output, as well as to avoid management overheads.

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