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SparkFabrik is a tech company of engineers, developers and designers capable of thinking, designing and developing custom applications, modernizing legacy systems and accompanying customers in the Cloud Native era.

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Born in 2015 from the dream of a group of professionals to create a workplace they wanted for themselves, SparkFabrik is the result of this ambitious vision. We are passionate knowledge workers curious and skilled in the use of cutting-edge technologies. We are based in Italy but have always taken a full-remote approach which allows us flexibility and openness.

Experience on complex and challenging projects has led SparkFabrik to be able to support clients from all industries and sizes in the transition to the Cloud. We offer a wide range of knowledge, skills and background: analysis, design, strategy and development combine to deliver innovative and multifaceted digital projects.

Our passion is driving innovation and having an eye on the future to help companies succeed in the evolving digital world.


To set the standard for skills and human relations in every sector in which we operate.
Create the most inspiring place where talented people can deliver cutting edge technology, leading the customer transition to a cloud-native era.


Stefano Mainardi
Stefano Mainardi
Paolo Mainardi
Paolo Mainardi
Marco Giacomassi
Marco Giacomassi
Alessio Piazza
Alessio Piazza
Paolo Pustorino
Paolo Pustorino
Head of HR
Ayse Meric
Ayse Meric
Head of Administration

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