Who we are

We are more than just passionate developers. We are Cloud and DevOps engineers, Strategist and Designer.

Our workflow is transparent and documented in our PlayBook, we have put our values in black and white and you can read them in our Manifesto.

Our team

Paolo Pustorino Paolo Pustorino

Paolo Pustorino

Head of HR

Stefano Mainardi Stefano Mainardi

Stefano Mainardi


Paolo Mainardi Paolo Mainardi

Paolo Mainardi


Marco Giacomassi Marco Giacomassi

Marco Giacomassi


Ayse Meric Ayse Meric

Ayse Meric

Head of Office Administration

Alessio Piazza Alessio Piazza

Alessio Piazza


Massimo Fasoli Massimo Fasoli

Massimo Fasoli

Business Development

Marcello Testi Marcello Testi

Marcello Testi

Lead Developer

Andrea Panisson Andrea Panisson

Andrea Panisson

Software Developer

Enrico Sato Enrico Sato

Enrico Sato

Software Developer

Marcello Gorla Marcello Gorla

Marcello Gorla

Software Developer - UX / UI Designer

Osvaldo Tulini Osvaldo Tulini

Osvaldo Tulini

Software Developer

Edoardo Dusi Edoardo Dusi

Edoardo Dusi

Software Developer

Giuseppe Rota Giuseppe Rota

Giuseppe Rota

Software Developer

Noemi Mancini Noemi Mancini

Noemi Mancini

Software Developer

Francesco Benigno Francesco Benigno

Francesco Benigno

Software Developer

Mariano Franzese Mariano Franzese

Mariano Franzese

Software Developer - UX / UI Designer

Marco Primitivo Marco Primitivo

Marco Primitivo

Software Developer

Claudio Serena Claudio Serena

Claudio Serena

Software Developer

Andrea Colombari Andrea Colombari

Andrea Colombari

Software Developer

Juan Barreira Juan Barreira

Juan Barreira

Software Developer

Andrew Coates Andrew Coates

Andrew Coates

Software Developer

Christian Boragine Christian Boragine

Christian Boragine

Software Developer - UX / UI Designer

Marco Legramandi Marco Legramandi

Marco Legramandi

Software Developer

Daniele Monti Daniele Monti

Daniele Monti

Software Developer

Monika Kubiak Monika Kubiak

Monika Kubiak

Software Developer

Our expertises

We assign to projects full-time dedicated multidisciplinary teams, trained and experts in methodologies, design and technology. We tackle development projects with the Scrum framework, in which we are certified, while the SparkCare service plan managed through Kanban.

Right from the start we set up approaches focused on design thinking, with the participation of key stakeholders and the very team appointed to handle the delivery, without intermediaries or unnecessary internal steps. We are experts in facilitating meetings and workshops in order to share values, in reasonable time and without waste.

We are polyglot developers and select the most suitable technologies for the business requirements for each project. We are expert PHP, Javascript, Typescript and Go, and keep abreast of the latest versions of these languages, without resting on our laurels.

We design and implement Service-Oriented Architectures on cloud systems, orienting ourselves to microservices or using Backend-as-a-Service tools. The experience honed with large customers on long-term projects, allows us working with main vendors and on-site.

We provide quality and speed through [continuous integration e continuous delivery processes, as well as automatic tests and static code analysis applied automatically to each project, including in the BaaS/cloud-functions. Our applications are designed according to the 12factor e Cloud Native principles.

We design, build and maintain high-availability scalable cloud infrastructures orchestrated through Kubernetes, an element around which both our development processes and ours and our customers’ production infrastructures rotate.

We have the skills required to give you the experience of a uniquely rich and valuable flow from the first handshake to in-production deployment.
To set the standard for skills and human relations in every sector in which we are present..
Create the most inspiring place where talented people can deliver cutting edge technology, leading the customer transition to a cloud-native era.