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How the Zambon product websites became Cloud Native

The client

Zambon is a chemical-pharmaceutical multinational founded in Vicenza in 1906, on the history of an innovative Italian family business. Strengthened by its values, today it is a company projected towards the future that has in innovation the basis of its growth project.

Zambon Products

The objective

Replatforming and redesign of all product sites in a multi-cloud and fully Cloud Native perspective

The challenge

After having designed from scratch the entire ecosystem of the Zambon Corporate site and the Zambon Pharma country sites, Zambon also wanted to apply the same approach to the redesign of the sites of product, starting from two leading brands as pilot projects.

The objective of the project was to create a central hub for the production and centralized management of product sites on a global scale, with a view to optimizing the speed to market, costs, quality and reuse of assets in a transversal way on different brands and geographical areas.

The initial situation, similar to that of corporate sites, consisted of many sites managed by individual countries, with different technological solutions and with sometimes limited, if not impossible, possibilities for intervention.

The same needs then reappeared, but with a broader scope:

  • Have a common platform for creating new sites
  • Improve the ability to predict and control development and maintenance costs
  • Bring uniformity to sites belonging to the same brand
  • Housing all sites on the same infrastructure
  • Evolving the initial Design System into a reusable catalog in future projects

To achieve this, we had to streamline the work done for the corporate sites, establishing a clear workflow for the development of all new sites. The processes therefore had to become reproducible in terms of methods and, consequently, predictable in terms of costs.

The solution

The Strategy

We have expanded the integrated service already operating in the direction of creating a single platform, based on the concepts of method, infrastructure and architecture designed for the Zambon Corporate site and for country sites Zambon Pharma.

In close collaboration with the Zambon Digital department, we worked on the generalization of the Design System of the Corporate site, so that it could be used for the generation of product sites, while at the same time leaving creative freedom to the agencies.

The constantly evolving digital catalog can be consulted by brand managers and creative agencies. The technical solutions for modular development have been systematized and made available as a default feature for all sites, with a set of already existing components and the possibility of introducing new ones for each specific case. The combination of different components and the graphic design designed for them by the agencies has led to the development of sites that are technologically similar but visually very different and identifying the brand.

We therefore customized Drupal to make it a Cloud-native platform, able to support us throughout the process, and thus we gave birth to Firestarter. In developing this tool we have always taken into consideration the needs of Delivery processes and the potential offered by Cloud operations.

High availability, high performance Multi-Cloud infrastructure

The Cloud-native approach has allowed us to elastically expand the existing infrastructure to accommodate the other sites of the group.

Also in this case we have adopted a multi-vendor strategy with Google Cloud Platform for the West and Alibaba Cloud for the East, which ensures us resilience, high performance and availability in all geographical areas, including China.

The automatic use of global CDNs ensures immediate response times from anywhere in the world, reducing the number of visits that would impact servers and databases, also to the advantage of security.

The production clusters are equipped with auto-scaling and auto-healing, ensuring very high uptime, even during deployments and maintenance interventions.

The infrastructure configuration can be replicated entirely on vendors that allow access to the Chinese area with response times that would otherwise be impossible.

Unified Support and Management

All support activities are provided by SparkFabrik for the entire stack, with guaranteed response times. This means that the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the application and infrastructure take place in a unified way and without rebounds.

Updates and improvements are automatically propagated to all sites without the need to coordinate activity between multiple players.

The evolutions are performed by a team that knows the organization as well as the product and the service stack, with reduced costs, greater speed and high confidence.

Security does not only concern the application code, but also and above all the services that keep it alive. Devops means eliminating the supply constraints typical of our sector and guaranteeing a unique service.

As an optional service, it is possible to host legacy or third-party sites, calculating the cost of hosting and a custom workflow for deployment, to be defined from time to time based on needs.

Support in the use of the platform is guaranteed to editorial and technical operators.

The results

This strategy has allowed Zambon to turn to a single supplier for delivery and to be able to make use of a single shared platform, always maintaining control of digital assets and promoting internal interoperability.

With the adoption of this model, today marketers can focus on communication, delegating the implementation of a content management application, hosting and maintenance to a centralized system.

A model that brings Zambon the benefits of:

  • Predictable Costs
  • Cloud Native CMS and centralized support
  • Centralized Cloud Operations
  • Design and more efficient design

New projects don’t necessarily require designing from scratch and jumping into the void, because co-suppliers (creative agencies, marketing professionals, etc.) can take advantage of shared guidelines. The individual project can certainly still require a specific design, but in any case it takes advantage of a platform with flexibility and scalability, to respond easily to business needs.

  • Previous model
  • Current model
  • Production and maintenance costs
    Previous model
    Variable and unpredictable costs
    Current model
    Fixed and lump sum costs
  • Design times
    Previous model
    Uncertain delivery workflow
    Current model
    Standard delivery workflow
  • Modular Design System
    Previous model
    Different and difficult to replicate design methods. Greater risk of consistency in the digital brand experience
    Current model
    Scalable and modular design method. Greater control in compliance with digital brand guidelines
  • Architecture & CMS
    Previous model
    Changeable, out of control and diversified across multiple suppliers
    Current model
    Single source of truth, controllable and known editing structure
  • Infrastructure & Cloud
    Previous model
    Risk of non-compliance with corporate IT standards
    Current model
    Central infrastructure availability, reliability, performance and security
Laura Zordan

Laura Zordan

Digital Transformation & Service Design Strategist, Zambon SPA

The production of the centralized platform for the design of our product websites represents another important goal in the digital transformation journey Zambon started in 2017. In particular, through this shared platform we are able to guarantee to all of our local affiliates a better homogeneity and coherence in the digital experience design of the communication of our product, remarkable decrease of production costs and times and process clarity on a global scale.

Once more, the SparkFabrik team has proved to be a strategic partner able to measure up to this challenge. Method, reliability, safety and quality of the service are values we can find every day in the work we do together.
Eduard Cors

Eduard Cors

Digital Marketing, Zambon Company

In Zambon Spain, we are very happy to be working with SparkFabrik. The design system they have created for our corporation is already a very important tool and an easy way to show what we exactly wanted.SparkFabrik’s expertise has been a very relevant part of our customer centricity strategy which places us closer to our patients daily needs.

The website design projects developed show a great quality standards, just as the strategic consultancy service provided. SparkFabrik has set a simple way to work which makes it very comfortable providing feedback and solving problems in the fastest way. We are now closer to our digital goals.

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