We have made it easier to communicate who Cerved is by offering a new and powerful publishing platform.
Website redesign
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The client

Thanks to a unique pool of data, valuation models, innovative technological solutions, and a team of experts and analysts, the Cerved Group helps around 30.000 businesses, public administrations and financial institutions every day to manage the opportunities and risks of their business relationships.

They support clients in planning and implementing commercial and marketing strategies. They are also one of the most important independent operators in the assessment and management of both performing and problematic loans and related assets, supporting the customer in all phases of their credit life. Finally, Cerved has one of the most important rating agencies in Europe within the group.

The objective

Improve the definition and promotion of the product offered, and the availability of customized services for customers from small businesses to public administrations.

The challenge

The previous web platform was no longer effective in guiding the user to the solution that best suited their needs. Cerved has therefore decided to redesign its online communication, starting with the editing platform itself.

For this purpose, the company has set up a multidisciplinary team, of which SparkFabrik has been a part of as designer and implementer, providing all the production skills in an end-to-end perspective. The focus of the site on the contents was therefore clear from the outset, but the challenges to be faced were at the two extremes of a spectrum.

On the one hand, helping the user to navigate an articulated offer, on the other, allowing digital communication managers to manage this complexity through a flexible editorial platform.

Image showing three screens of the Cerved mobile app

The solution

Our priority was to talk to the many different stakeholders within Cerved, directing the discussion towards identifying the critical issues and priorities of existing communication and ongoing processes.

Armed with this information and interfacing with the SEO experts chosen by the organization, we designed and implemented the information architecture, the user experience, a visual design, the architecture of the technological solution, and finally the product: the new Cerved corporate website.

The information architecture is built around users and the path that leads to the content most relevant to them. Access to products of interest to each audience has been designed to organically integrate with site navigation, a guided path that is, as far as possible, invisible to the user.

Homepage of the Cerved website displayed in desktop version

The new user experience aims to encourage site users to immediately identify their belonging to an audience. The path to accessing Cerved services therefore becomes customized for each audience both in terms of content and communication tone, allowing the user to find their way easily and punctually within the vast range of Cerved services. The visual design, elaborated in full compliance with Cerved’s brand guidelines, is optimized for browsing on mobile devices, with a minimalist design that leaves the content at the center and scales pleasantly across larger screens.

To implement the editorial functions we have chosen Drupal 8, a CMS with the soul of a modular framework.

Drupal is an enterprise-class product with built-in features for managing editorial flows, an extremely flexible SEO department and the ability to manage advanced searches. Its architecture guarantees performance and safety, while maintaining maximum modularity and customization possibilities.

The results

The new platform allows editors to manage all site content independently, ensuring that any information can be reached by the end user within a maximum of three clicks, simplifying the work of editors.

The modularity of the technological platform has allowed us to be able to integrate it within the Cerved ecosystem of services and products in a simple and effective way, and to be able to guarantee fast and reliable releases.

Working side by side with the customer has allowed us to understand their dynamics and direct our work and processes to generate maximum value, dedicating a team to Cerved for the entire project.

We have designed a digital platform capable of giving back full control of their content and offer to Cerved, with tools that are simple to use, but powerful and secure at the same time, capable of supporting communication needs and to integrate with its own ecosystem with leaving space for growth.
Anna Micossi

Anna Micossi

Head of Communication, Cerved Group

We are very satisfied with the experience with SparkFabrik, who have been able to guide us in exploiting all the potential of Drupal, designing the most suitable architecture to present the wide Cerved offer with simplicity and immediacy.

The management of the entire project was facilitated by the professionalism of the SparkFabrik team, who were able to support us in a dynamic, proactive and attentive way to our needs.

At the end of the project, we decided to reconfirm our trust in SparkFabrik, further expanding our collaboration for the future.

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