SparkCare: a systematic approach to maintenance

SparkCare intervenes when an application starts its life cycle guaranteeing a systematic approach, effective and with no waste during maintenance.

Rapid interventions, when it’s most needed.

Your ideas and digital products start their true life after the developing phase: when they go online. When real users start using a web app, new needs and use-cases always emerge. Having at your disposal a maintenance and evolution plan for your application allows you to act quickly and at low expenses compared to an emergency intervention.

Your application is already developed and online, but shows some issue that needs to be resolved? We’ll analyze together the product and the malfunctions, and then design a “recovery” strategy. We’ll compile an intervention plan that will allow you to regenerate and give value to your product, without any waste of the already done work and with the objective of making it more competitive.

SparkCare helps you maintain your application competitive, in a clear and zero-waste way.

Periodic e Evolutive Maintenance

  • Guaranteed competitiveness

    The market is continuously evolving just as the necessities of your target. With the Sparkcare Evolutive Maintenance program you can constantly adjust your application to the requests of the market in an easy and programmatic way.

  • A clear and transparent program

    Sparkcare offers you a flexible scheduling of interventions giving you the possibility of making informed strategic choices with the right advance.

  • Evolve with your application

    Your application needs to grow and mature in time, staying competitive. Our program is the ideal travel mate for a linear and punctual development.

A program to evolve

Just once it is online your application meets its real target. In this moment, it gets truly put to the test, making clear new necessities and space for improvement.

With the SparkCare Evolutive Maintenance program we take charge of your application making it evolve, grow and optimize it for every emerging need of your target. SparkCare offers you a clear and transparent program of programmed interventions that will avoid waste and will allow you to maintain your application competitive on the long run.

A program for the health of your application

A program of evolutive maintenance isn’t always needed; sometimes the application matches perfectly with the needs of its target. In this scenario, there are two necessities: keeping the performances high and making sure security isn’t compromised.
Sparkcare Periodic Updates takes care of this: it is a leaner program of focused interventions that protects the health of your application, maintaining it safe and operative.
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