SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform

The Cloud’s full potential, without its complexity.

Why Spark CDP

  • Frees the resources for your core business

    Your business deserves all the possible care. The managed service allows you to free valuable resources that can be redirected to activities that produce real business, cutting at the same time costs and problematics that come from all the complex scenarios that maintaining such a structure implies.

  • Stay updated with the latest technologies

    Technologies evolve fast, and to keep yourself up to date and safe implies costs and use of resources. Our managed platform allows you to keep yourself always up to date in a safe and efficient way, leaving the complications that come from those operations for us to manage.

  • Cut costs and reduce risks

    Every investment comes with risks. Technologies, markets, financial conditions and regulations that change and evolve constantly and rapidly. A managed platform allows you to minimize those risks, leaving to our experience in the field the management of unexpected situations.

What is SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform?

Inspired by DevOps practices, SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform automates end-to-end processes of software developing, of their deployment and the online updating operations. You can create, test and deploy applications in a faster and safer way, increasing the opportunities to fastly resolve critical issues and obtaining a better management of the workflow encouraging the adoption of the Agile approach to developing.

SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform lets interfunctional developing teams to develop faster, releasing quality solutions that are safe in traditional environments and Cloud ones.

A complete suite to develop, test and deploy software, rapidly and efficiently.

More than just a hosting platform

The exclusive functionalities of SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform help new developers, even the ones who don’t belong in your workforce, to rapidly and efficiently integrate, protecting sensible datas.

Developers can be more productive, building and deploying your product on the market faster. You’ll be able to run your applications and deploy them on a larger scale without the need to redefine the infrastructure’s configuration.

All of this at an incredibly competitive price compared to traditional managed hosting providers, who provides a weaker offer.

Managed PaaS

A product thought for Enterprise

Many resources, high reliability and scalability. The online image of your brand always passes through its technological infrastructure and those are its necessary key characteristics. SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform doesn’t just guarantee those, but thanks to its managed services allows you to not invest time on activities unrelated to your core business.
PaaS or on-premise, we take charge of the problems, freeing your resources.

Dynamic scalability with no service interruptions

Our solutions are designed to provide an SLA uptime up to 99.99% with a support offer tailored on your needs up to 24x7 and guaranteed maximum take-over times. We work in partnership with the best cloud infrastructure providers such as Google, Alibaba Cloud and AWS, offering services with comparable performances all over the world, including China.
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Our technologies

Cloud Native
Cloud vendors
Alibaba Cloud

Spark Cloud DevOps Platform in practice

Caleffi China
Cloud infrastructure design, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud

A multi-cloud infrastructure to optimize the digital presence of Caleffi in China, guaranteeing an experience equivalent in every aspect to the one in any other part of the world.

Drupal, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud

The new web ecosystem of Zambon’s websites is Cloud-Native and benefits from a modular structure of contents: a single Design System to build and manage multiple websites.