Drupal: powerful, open, modular and scalable

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Drupal: the best Open Source Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

With thousands of modules available, hundreds of possible configurations and sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, Drupal is no longer just a content management system, but an articulated digital experience platform: deciding the correct architecture and the most suitable modules for a project it is not a simple task.
Drupal: the best Open Source Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Well, why Drupal?

Drupal in numbers

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(the largest open source community in the world)

Why Drupal with SparkFabrik?

SparkFabrik is the Italian company with the largest number of Acquia-certified Drupal developers. We were born as a Drupal-centered company and now we are able to use it in a Cloud Native perspective. What can we do for you?
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Development of websites and web applications

We take care of the entire planning, design and development process, creating engaging digital experiences and delivering tangible business results

Migration and Replatforming

We support you in the migration process from legacy platforms or other CMS, redesigning your site or application in a Cloud Native perspective

Strategy and Consulting

If you are starting a new Drupal project, the decisions made at the start of the project will have an impact on it throughout its life cycle. We help you make the right decisions in time.

System integration with third-party technologies and frameworks

We help you connect Drupal with your systems, technologies and infrastructures. Or we propose new ones deriving from the growing Drupal ecosystem.

Performance, SEO and security audits

We take care of reviewing websites and web applications developed with Drupal to evaluate development best practices, to evaluate performance and security aspects

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