DevOps: Improving and evolving products. Fast.

DevOps gives you the tools to evolve your projects at a higher speed and improve them, rapidly and safely.

Why adopt DevOps

  • Adapting to change

    Agile manifesto encourages the ability to “respond to change rather than follow a plan”, using processes able to adapt rapidly and frequently deploy that will allow us to implement metrics able to evaluate the effectiveness of your choices.

  • Results in less time

    Continuous integration and continuous delivery practices allow us to fix bugs more rapidly, integrate new functions and gather users feedback more rapidly. In a competitive market, speed and time-to-market are crucial factors.

  • Programmatic scalability and costs optimization

    The scalability of an infrastructure is fundamental to guarantee the expected business goals. For this reason it is important for the software to be able to govern the infrastructures easily and with the max automatisation.

DevOps practices

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a software developing method where the codebase resides in a centralized repository and is regularly adjusted by developers with build and automatic tests processes. This allows us to increase the updates frequency, gaining a higher responsiveness to bugs resolution and a better software quality.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery extends the continuous integration to the deployment phase, providing automatically the code modifications to the various environments (test and/or production) at the end of the building phase. Developers can this way evaluate the modifications implemented in test environments and are always ready for deployment.


Microservices are an architectural style that takes on the development of a single application as a suite of modular services, independent and mutually linked by API, that may easily and constantly be maintained and scaleted without compromising the scalability of the whole application. This architecture guarantees high resilience and allows a strong independence of the developing team.


The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a practice where DevOps teams take care of managing and provisioning the technology stack in an automated way, via software. This approach allows the teams to act quickly and on large scale on the infrastructure, guaranteeing an horizontal scalability essential to modern applications.

How does DevOps work

DevOps (from the contraction of development and operations) is a software developing methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration between developers and operations staff. DevOps means synergy between corporate culture, practices and tools. Its aim is to provide the maximum agility to an organization to develop applications and services.

This approach allows the innovation and evolution of products at a higher speed than traditional software developing processes and infrastructures managing. Facebook, Spotify and Netflix are just some of the web giants who realized the advantages of this methodology. The approach aims to melt into one unit the developing team (Dev) and operations staff (Ops), active during the whole live cycle of the application: development, testing and delivery, with the benefit that every member of the team acquires knowledge that is global, and not just fitting in their own specific domain.

The team always focuses on reaching the max efficiency and autonomy, that’s why all the processes of automation are at the DevOps approach basis. The ability to reduce reduce to a minimum the manual activities has the advantage of reducing errors and waste. For this reason we are using tools and techniques such as Containers, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as code, Microservices, Build pipelines.

DevOps is the modern approach to modern and full-scale software developing.

DevOps & Automation Setup

Your best results, faster.

Every business is today a software business. Software doesn’t just have a support role anymore towards the activities of an organization, it is central: it follows along with our everyday activities and represents the preferential channel for the users to interact with businesses.

The way we create and release software has to highlight its active role: more releases, more tests, more resilience, more quality for the final user. SparkFabrik offers you all the tools and know-how needed to be competitive and react rapidly to the ever-changing market needs, helping your transition towards the modern approach of software developing: DevOps.
DevOps is the way to innovate, safely and with quality.

DevOps teams are highly performing.

Teams organized in DevOps execute deployment at a higher frequency, maintaining constantly monitored, via tests, the health of the codebase. This leads to lower failure rates and faster lead times.

In addition, thanks to the cohesion with Agile principles, less work gets wasted in not planned activities. SparkFabrik assists you in the creation of a DevOps team giving the know-how necessary to guarantee high performances to every team.
DevOps lets the full potential of your teams show.
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Our technologies

Cloud Native

DevOps & Automation in practice

Caleffi China
Cloud infrastructure design, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud

A multi-cloud infrastructure to optimize the digital presence of Caleffi in China, guaranteeing an experience equivalent in every aspect to the one in any other part of the world.

Drupal, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud

The new web ecosystem of Zambon’s websites is Cloud-Native and benefits from a modular structure of contents: a single Design System to build and manage multiple websites.