Ionic: a hybrid approach to App Mobile

Your hybrid Mobile App built with your favorite javascript framework.

What is Ionic

Ionic makes it easy to build high-performance mobile and Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) that look and feel beautiful on any platform or device.

Ionic is a framework for building hybrid applications. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript it is possible to create both Mobile App and web applications, in addition Ionic uses market standard components thanks to its integration with the most popular frontend frameworks, such as Angular, React or Vue.

Ionic allows you to provide an experience that is similar to true native applications through components that emulate native system widgets (iOS and Android). Thanks also to the Cordova plugin it is possible to access to all the native functions of the mobile device like Bluetooth, GPS, Acceloremeter, Camera and so on.

One codebase. Any platform.

Why Ionic

  • A lower waste of resources

    By taking advantage of the ability to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for application development, all the work already done on prototypes, assets and web applications can be easily reused.

  • A wider choice of frameworks

    Ionic allows, compared to other solutions, a wider choice of development framework, being able for example to use Angular, React or Vue.

  • Faster development and testing

    The full use of standard web technologies cuts down time and costs of implementation. In addition, the tests are faster and easier than a native application, making maintaining quality code less expensive.

Ionic for your App Mobile

Ionic allows a wide choice between the main development frameworks (Angular, React, Vue), simplifying the approach to development and increasing the sharing of assets even between different codebases. The realization times of a Mobile App with Ionic are much shorter than the development of a native App thanks to the possibility of reusing previously produced HTML, CSS and Javascript code and the advantage of using web tools for both development and testing.

Cross-platform apps. Built with the web.

Who is using Ionic

Electronic Arts
General Electric

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