Drupal: powerful, open, modular and scalable

Tired of spending all your budget on the license of CMS owners?


Drupal: a vast Open Source ecosystem

With thousands of modules available and hundreds of possible configurations, Drupal is a very extensive ecosystem: deciding the correct architecture and the most suitable modules for a project is not an easy task.

We can help you choose the right path for your business.

Today Drupal is no longer just a tool for building small business sites. It allows you to create complex sites, web applications and modern, high-performance and low-cost systems thanks to the elimination of license costs. It can be used alone or combined with modern frameworks such as Angular, Vue and React, and with Cloud tools such as Amazon Lambda and Google Firebase.

This is why Drupal is the right choice for companies that want to achieve a lot and in a short time.

Drupal in numbers

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Why Drupal

  • Drupal will help you save money and time

    With low running costs and no licensing fees, it allows you to cut production time by automating many operations. It is also already SEO optimized and linked-data friendly.

  • Drupal is open source

    Drupal is an open source CMS widely adopted for over 10 years and is extraordinarily well documented. It is based on PHP / MySQL and is free to use, modify and extend.

  • Drupal is modular and portable

    Among more than 26000 modules it will be easy to find the right one for you. Also it is not binding on a specific vendor or platform, this makes it executable on most infrastructures.

We are the Italian company with the most Drupal developers certified by Acquia.


Our great experience on this platform and our constant research work allow us to carve out the right space for Drupal in any scenario, using it alone or inserted in a wider ecosystem combined with modern frameworks such as Angular, Vue and React, and Cloud tools like Amazon Lambda and Google Firebase.

SparkFabrik will guide you in exploiting the infinite potential of Drupal, selecting and designing the right strategy and architecture, choosing the features and modules suitable for the purpose.

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Drupal Development in practice

Drupal, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud

The new web ecosystem of Zambon’s websites is Cloud-Native and benefits from a modular structure of contents: a single Design System to build and manage multiple websites.

Information Architecture, Design, UX / UI, Drupal

We modernized and made universally available an historic name of the Italian financial publishing scene.