Custom Development, end-to-end

From the development of new application to modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all the phases of an application’s life circle.

  • Custom Application Development

    In an ever changing market your software, just like your business, needs to be conceived to adapt and be rapidly updated.

  • Application Modernization

    Your Legacy application can be brought back to competitiveness by undertaking a modernization path that will guarantee it business continuity.

  • Drupal development

    SparkFabrik first started as a Drupal company and Drupal keeps rappresenting the best Open-Source CMS.

  • Mobile App Development

    Today over 60% of internet traffic comes from a mobile device. Whether you need a standalone app or revisions to an existing app, we are your ideal partner. We carefully design your product using the best technologies on the market.

  • React Native Development

    React Native helps you develop a native Mobile App for iOs and Android while maintaining only a single codebase.

  • Ionic Framework Development

    With the Ionic framework it is possible, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to create both hybrid mobile apps quickly and effectively

Our approach

  • Method and Team

    To every project we assign a full-time team. We take on developing projects with the Scrum framework or the Kanban one; in both we are certified.

  • Technology and architecture

    Choosing the right technology and architecture stack is fundamental to have a dependable and performing application.

  • Automation and Delivery

    To always be in control, from the first steps to delivery, and avoid unnecessary waste, we rely on the most up to date techniques in automation and DevOps.

Software stands at the center of every process

Today every business is also a software business. Software is ubiquitous, follows our daily activities and represents the preferential channel for the users to interact with businesses.

Therefore Digital Transformation isn’t the mere use of a set of tools, but rather a methodological and organisational approach for technologies to develop and live in. For this reason we choose the right technologies based on the business requirements inside a bigger strategic discourse without mediators with an agile approach, planned out to deliver value from the very first moment.

Our processes of continuous integration and continuous delivery, the QA processes and the modernization services of legacy applications in Cloud Native perspectives allows us to guarantee speed and quality as response to the demands of a modern and everchanging market.

A single workflow, clean and rich in value, from the very first handshake to the production deployment.
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Our technologies

Cloud Native
Cloud vendors
Alibaba Cloud

Custom Development in practice

Drupal, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud

The new web ecosystem of Zambon’s websites is Cloud-Native and benefits from a modular structure of contents: a single Design System to build and manage multiple websites.