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If you are looking for a partner for the development of a mobile app you have come to the right place: we specialize in the development of complex web and mobile applications. Whether you need an app to create from scratch or revisions to an existing app, we know how to support you. Based on your needs, we carefully design your product by choosing the best technologies on the market.

Native App Development

A mobile app developed with React Native allows you to create multi-platform native applications from a single codebase for iOS and Android, making the most of the features of the device (example: camera, GPS, camera, address book, specific sensors, notifications ...) and have a native user experience in look & feel and performance.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid mobile app developed with the Ionic Framework uses standard web components such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to create cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android and provide a user experience similar to native applications.

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React Native App: the native approach to mobile apps

React Native App: the native approach to mobile apps

Why React Native?


Power, flexibility and performance

React Native leverages all the power and flexibility of React, one of the best and most used JavaScript frameworks on the market, combined with all the advantages of native applications. It also guarantees better performance than hybrid solutions.

Cross-platform by design

React Native allows you to have a single codebase for the iOS and Android apps, giving the possibility to a single team to maintain the two versions. It also allows you to centralize the automatic tools for development, testing and debugging.

A native experience for the user

React Native allows you to develop specific native apps for each platform of which it renders the native UI, providing an uncompromising user experience.

Ionic App: the hybrid approach to mobile apps

Ionic is a framework for building hybrid applications and Progressive Web Applications (PWA). Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript it is possible to create both Mobile App and web applications, moreover Ionic uses standard components on the market thanks to its integration with the most popular frontend frameworks, such as Angular, React and Vue.

Ionic allows you to provide an experience that is as close to native applications as possible through components that emulate system widgets (iOS and Android). Thanks also to the Capacitor plugins it is possible to access the native functions of the mobile device.

One codebase, any platform.
Ionic App: the hybrid approach to mobile apps

Why Ionic


Less waste of resources

By taking advantage of the ability to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for application development, all the work already done on prototypes, assets and web applications can be easily reused.

No framework constraints

Ionic allows, compared to other solutions, a wider choice of development framework, being able for example to use Angular, React or Vue.

Faster development and testing

The full use of standard web technologies cuts down times and costs of implementation. In addition, the tests are faster and easier than a native application, making the maintenance of quality code less expensive.

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