Cloud Native Services

Technologies, processes and developing teams to realise secure, scalable and high-performance applications ready for the Cloud.

  • Application Modernization
    Application Modernization

    Redesign your application on updated platforms and programming languages, that are more efficient and less expensive. Modernizing an application means to take a path that leads to adopting the cloud-native approach, benefitting from the great advantages that comes with it: scalability, resilience and flexibility. This path doesn’t necessarily have to be an abrupt breach with the already running processes, the right strategy can guarantee an efficient and seamless migration.

  • Microservizi logo
    Microservices Development

    The complexity of software systems is today faced using architectures based on microservices. Either incrementally reconstructing an already running monolith or developing ex novo applications, the role of microservices is central to obtain high maintainability, security, scalability and efficiency of modern applications.

  • Serverless logo
    Serverless Development

    The arrival of Cloud technology made it possible to implement infrastructural paradigms before confined inside the applications. It is now possible to focus solely on the business value of an application, without taking charge of the operational costs of managing an infrastructure and sensibly reducing the applicative complexity.

  • DevOps automation logo
    DevOps and Automation

    DevOps gives you the tools to develop your products at a higher frequency and innovate swiftly ed safely. DevOps is a software development methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration between developers and operations staff. DevOps means synergy between corporate culture, practices and tools. It aims to give to a business the maximum agility to develop applications and services.

  • Strategy logo
    Cloud Strategy

    We help you design your infrastructure and define your Cloud Transformation plan, both on-premise and on the main Cloud Vendors. Our team of Cloud Engineers will design your migration on a main Cloud Vendor like Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Alibaba Cloud for the Chinese market: our experience will be essential to shorten times, guarantee business continuity and assure you to adopt every best practice of the market.

  • Kubernetes logo
    Kubernetes Consultancy

    Our Cloud Engineers will take care of creating a complete procedure for you to adopt the Kubernetes’ production grade. We are proud members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and we are Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. We realized from the start what great opportunities Kubernetes has to offer, and have been using it to help businesses to reach their goals adopting DevOps practices, guaranteeing reliability and scalability in the orchestration of the production containers.

  • Training logo
    Cloud Native Training

    Our training service has the goal to prepare IT staff and make it independent in the management of infrastructures, even the more complex ones.

  • Managed services logo
    Managed Services

    Our Cloud Engineers can support or cover for your management team, guaranteeing quality, security and constant updates.

Develop better software, faster

We have always been focused on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, guiding our customers in the transition towards the Cloud-Native era, building a software that is scalable, resilient and offers extraordinary performance in strongly automated cloud environments.

Therefore, Cloud-Native doesn’t just represent the ability of an application to be run on a private or public cloud, but is the answer to an up to date and ever changing market. It is a methodologic approach that comes from the necessity to make the development and delivery process cleaner in order to respond more efficiently to changes in the market. A multi-dimensional project that touches on corporate culture, processes, architecture and technology. It is a transformation that doesn’t have to be immediate, even more in well-established businesses that can’t as a matter of fact operate radical changes, but can and must be seen as a gradual change.

A single workflow, clean and rich in value, from the very first handshake to the production deployment.

Certifications and partnerships

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SparkFabrik is now a Silver Member of CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)

Kubernetes Service Provider

SparkFabrik is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with 10 certified Cloud Native Engineers.

Our technologies

Cloud Native
Cloud vendors
Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Native Services in practice

Caleffi China
Cloud infrastructure design, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud

A multi-cloud infrastructure to optimize the digital presence of Caleffi in China, guaranteeing an experience equivalent in every aspect to the one in any other part of the world.

Drupal, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud

The new web ecosystem of Zambon’s websites is Cloud-Native and benefits from a modular structure of contents: a single Design System to build and manage multiple websites.