China Unit is the SparkFabrik division dedicated to Chinese market.

Thanks to our expertise in the Asian market, we will allow you to reach a global digital experience, equal in China and in any other part of the world, unvarying in efficiency, content control and usability, without any technological infrastructure problem.

The access to these services will allow Italian businesses to focus on their activities, respect the rules of the Chinese market, overcome technological obstacles, optimize operative costs, speed up innovation and reduce their time-to-market.

Thanks to our partnership with Alibaba Cloud we can offer you a wide range of technological services.

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Businesses operating in China
With a .cn domain
Can be used correctly in China.

SparkFabrik offers you consultancy and services on this three layers


the full control over Digital Properties in China is at your fingertips.
  • Integrated view and Data Analytics platforms “China ready”
  • Single source of policy to manage your contents in a centralized way the full control over Digital Properties in China is at your fingertips

Management of any kind of problematic with a single platform, coherent in any part of the world.
  • Creation of web platforms and web applications “China Ready”
  • Technological solutions to make available your corporate applications (CMS, CRM, etc…) with the same usability and efficiency from China as well Management of any kind of problematic with a single platform, coherent in any part of the world.

Quality, accuracy and professionality up to the last detail.
  • Support in obtaining and managing the ICP licences
  • Efficiency increase of the existing corporate applications
  • User experience of the internal user equivalent in any area (performance, accessibility, functionality)
  • Modernization and evolution of the corporate applications towards Cloud-Native models

Why is it important to be there

  • To be able to position your business in the Chinese market
  • To be able to interconnect with the Chinese digital ecosystem (social networks, payment systems, search engines)
  • To defend your brand, your rights and your intellectual propertie
  • To sell


What they say to us
  • “We lost count of our digital properties”
  • “The information and the contents are often misaligned”
  • “The use of the corporate application (Crm,…) is almost impossible from China”
  • “We can’t build a “market visibility” of the specific and global market”
  • “Our Chinese branch is a detached and far off reality”
What they can’t evaluate
  • If the investments made on their digital presence have brought the expected results
  • If their digital assets are correctly used in China or aren’t at all
  • That the technological infrastructure is a key element at the base of their investment on digital presence in China

Learn the Chinese opinion on you

Your Chinese branch won’t be perceived as a detached and far off anymore! Evaluate the performance of your website for free!

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