Our Services

The new challenges we are faced with in this market require fast, agile and scalable solutions. Most importantly though, they require innovation. Our services are designed for this, bringing value where it is most required, without waste.


  • Custom Development

    We develop software following Agile methodologies and optimize it with DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices, offering a full-stack service to turn ideas into successful digital products.

  • Application Modernization

    Your legacy application can come back to competitiveness at a lower cost by undertaking a path of modernization and adaptation of developing processes aimed at making them closer to your business’ current needs.

  • Drupal Development

    Drupal represents today one of the best solutions for a modern and Enterprise-ready Open Source CMS, a modular platform that is safe, open and with strong support from an international community.

Development technologies

Cloud Native

  • Cloud native Services

    Progressiveness and innovation comes today from the Cloud. Cloud-Native is a methodological approach, the gathering of new developing paradigms, orchestration and new architectures that will enhance your software making it scalable, resilient, agile towards new challenges and performing, even with legacy applications.

  • DevOps and Automation

    Corporate culture, practices and tools. DevOps is the synergie of these elements embodied in a method that looks towards communication, cooperation and integration between developers and operations managers. DevOps gives value to your project in all safeness, incrementing the deployment frequency, obtaining results in less time, with a programmatic scalability and cost optimization.

  • SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform

    SparkFabrik Cloud DevOps Platform was born with DevOps practices in its core, automating end-to-end development processes of software solutions, of their production deployment and of the online updating operations. SparkFabrik CDP makes resources free for your core business, making you free of focusing on the activities that actually give value to it.

Cloud technologies


  • Strategy

    Pinpointing goals and understanding the problematics are fundamental steps in developing a concrete and functional strategy. We put at your disposal our expertise with Agile methods of co-design and co-planning to support the success of your project.

  • Training

    Methodology and technology are the pillars SparkFabrik was built on. Our research for the best possible quality brought us to obtain certifications in both fields and gather extensive experience that we condensed in our modular training programs, dispensed in sessions tailored for your needs with concrete and strongly experience-based contents.

  • SparkCare

    SparkCare takes care of your digital product when it starts its real life: when it goes online. The feedback from real users is fundamental to define strategic opportunities and perfect previous choices. SparkCare is a maintenance plan and it is the evolution of your application which allows you to act rapidly and on predictable costs.

Certifications and Partnerships

Alibaba cloud

We help Italian businesses to fill the distance with China thanks to our official partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

Certified Scrum Master

All our team leaders are Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) by Scrum Alliance.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SparkFabrik is now a Silver Member of CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)


We are the Italian company with the most Drupal developers certified by Acquia..

Kubernetes Service Provider

SparkFabrik is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with 10 certified Cloud Native Engineers.