We support companies in complex digital transformation processes, combining experience and method with deep technological knowledge, which is the result of continuous research and development.

The whole process is based on the Lean principles.
We develop software following Agile methodologies inspired by Agile Manifesto and optimized with DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices to turn ideas into successful digital products.


We love dealing with complex challenges presented by the most innovative projects. But, above all, we love quality work.

We develop software using Agile methodologies . Our goal is to produce continuous innovation in an iterative and incremental development process, which yields instant value thanks to short release cycles and constant feedback at all project stages. All of our team leaders are Scrum Masters certified by Scrum Alliance.

We are developers and like to experiment. We integrate both Backend and Frontend new technologies and new languages into the most consolidated practices.
But, we do not like to experiment at customers’ expense. Before adding a new tool to a development cycle, we play with the newest technologies to hone an appropriate know-how and make use of such technologies with confidence. We organize regular corporate Hackathons to test tools and solutions, in a collaborative context and beyond team confines.


DEVELOPMENT FLOW: we rely on the most current automation and DevOps techniques, to always be in control, from the first step to delivery.

ARCHITECTURES: a reliable and performing application cannot be decoupled from well-planned architecture, in which each component is chosen according to the discrete features of the application itself.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: SparkFabrik is born as Drupal company and Drupal stands for us as a reliable and robust tool. We wanted to enhance it with industry events such as Drupal Day and bet on an internal training that led us to be the Italian company with the largest number of Acquia certified Drupal developers. In order to face the most current technological challenges, we have added Drupal to frameworks like: Angular2 and Vue and React and rely on efficient Cloud tools like Amazon Lambda and Google Firebase.


We create Cloud Native applications and scalable and secure Cloud Infrastructures, which allow us to better represent your business needs over time.

We can support you in the process of legacy application migration, to reduce traditional infrastructure costs and make applications Cloud-native and more secure and integrated with modern cloud services. Our Cloud Engineers can help you evaluate every aspect of Cloud Transformation , or choose the right technologies, determine which services to integrate and define together strategy, time and costs for each individual issue.

The Cloud offers many possibilities, for this reason, an expert guide is necessary to evaluate the technical needs of your business in every aspect. Thanks to this analysis, we can structure an overall strategy that also deals with managing change and compliance.

DESIGN: we help you design your new infrastructure and define your Cloud transformation plan, both on-site and on the main cloud vendors (AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud)

MIGRATION: we support you in defining your migration strategy to the Cloud, providing you with a transparent plan of costs and the most suitable technologies to adopt.

MANAGED SERVICES: our Cloud engineers can support your team in managing the Cloud infrastructure.

TRAINING: we believe it is essential to work alongside our customers, which is why we offer training on Cloud topics and Cloud-native development practices . We also offer on-site training, with the aim of training IT staff and enabling it to operate independently in managing the most complex infrastructures.


Identifying objectives and understanding problems are the fundamental steps to develop a concrete and functional plan.

We work transparently and collaboratively alongside your team to collect necessary data, and foster trust and continuous collaboration to reduce waste and activities that do not generate value.

A team dedicated to your project will take care of following all phases, from the analysis of your requests to corrective maintenance once online.

We use Service Design methodologies to design based on the needs of consumers and users, so as to make services or products user-friendly and relevant to consumers.
The backbone of this process is the understanding of users' behaviors, as well as their needs and motivations. This is why we will always make decisions based on real data.


DISCOVERY: we analyze your needs and define the objectives to be achieved through definition workshops and co-design and co-planning activities.

PLANNING: we create an iterative process, where the objectives are achieved by incremental steps.

DESIGN / UX / UI: your product needs to present itself in the most effective way to reach your target; for this reason, the UI and design study can not be subordinated to technical aspects, but, rather, represent the guidelines for the development itself.

DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY: technologies and development schedules are defined together, according to objectives and the strategic plan.

OPTIMIZATION / EVOLUTION: when the application is online, we follow its evolution and make improvements based on feedback from your users.


SparkCare was born to guarantee a systematic and effective approach to project maintenance.

Ideas and digital products begin to live concretely in the post-development phase: when they go online.
When real users start using a web app, new needs and new use cases emerge.
Having a maintenance and evolution plan of your application allows you acting promptly and at reduced costs compared to an emergency intervention.

Your application is already developed and online, but does it have some problems to solve?
We will analyze product and malfunctions together, and then formulate a “recovery” strategy. We will draw up an action plan that will allow you to regenerate and enhance your product, without wasting any work already completed and with the aim of making it competitive again.


CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE: we continue growing your application, optimizing it and meeting your target’s new needs.

SUPPORT: we manage the software updates of your product to keep it safe and performing.

RESTRUCTURING: a dated application is not necessarily an application requiring re-work; with the right strategy, you can take advantage of the existing structure and intervene where necessary.


We provide our customers with tools and methods that have enabled us to organize our work for years, maximizing the value produced in compliance with budgets and deadlines.

SparkFabrik was born to pursue research of the highest quality.
A journey destined to never end, which has taught us - and continues to teach us - much about method and technology.

We want to share all we have learned to help create a healthy and value-oriented ecosystem.
We have designed modular training programs, delivered in sessions tailored to your team and with informal, tangible and highly experiential content. Not hours of slides and handouts, but practical exercises, explanations that promote dialogue, as well as interactive activities and games designed to solidify the fundamental concepts through a lived experience.


LEAN THINKING ACADEMY: Change the way you live work, assimilate the Lean Thinking principles and make yours the most important tools for a real Agile transformation.

12-FACTOR ACADEMY: Discover the paradigm that is fusing development and operations, harness the cloud potential, and give life to a smooth delivery flow like oil.



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