The term serverless refers to applications and architectures that strongly depend on third-party services (BaaS backend as a service) or on code (functions) to be performed on Functions systems as a service (FaaS). The main cloud vendors dominate the market of commercial solutions, such as Amazon Lambda or Google Firebase , but it is also possible to exploit their existing infrastructure using open-source systems such as Kubeless , OpenFaaS and Funktion .

The advent of Cloud technologies has made it possible to implement at the infrastructural level paradigms that were once confined within applications. Today, it is therefore possible to concentrate only on the business value of an application, without taking into account operational costs related to the management of an infrastructure, and significantly reducing the complexity of the application.

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    The advantages of serverless solutions must be carefully balanced with possible problems of complexity, performance or vendor lock-in. Our knowledge of the scenario allows us making the most appropriate choices without being overwhelmed by easy enthusiasm.

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    Paradigm supported by leading cloud vendors and robust open-source solutions.

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    They are naturally suitable to develop with a view to microservices.

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    Lower costs for operations and development.

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    Easy to integrate with external and legacy services.



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