Being agile means learning to see change as the tool for success and not as an obstacle to the realization of an ideally perfect plan.

Who has not had to read dozens of document pages containing everything you need to know about the work to be done, just to get out with more questions than answers? What is the cost of reading and understanding a detailed plan? And to produce it? But above all ... how many times does the project start and end according to plan?

A study conducted by McKinsey in 2012 on large-scale IT projects (budgets exceeding $15 million) found that the average budget overrun of software projects is 45%, while 7% do not comply with their deadline. In addition, on average, 56% of the expected value is not delivered. What's more, 17% of them fail so badly that they put the entire company at risk.

Why does this happen? The root cause is that long-term plans are inevitably illusions.
The development of a software is more like a research than a construction process: by working, you learn from context, domain experts and users. In addition, the context changes, other actors invade the market and services born in distant contexts give new expectations to users.

The key to reducing this risk is to tackle projects with a different mentality:


Clarify goals instead of making requests.


Understand needs rather than bet on ideas.


Advance in small steps rather than want everything right away.


Check frequentlyrather than test at the end.


Evolve the plan rather than follow it blindly.

Our Agile training teaches to embrace change as a response to the changing needs of an evolving market. You will learn how to govern an empirical process, how to make production flows transparent and inspectable, how and when to gather feedback and how to adapt your strategy by reducing waste and bureaucracy and maximizing the value produced for your market.

Working less to get more is possible, and we can explain to you how in fun and experiential training sessions, full of practical activities.

As for our cloud-native training, the teaching modules are tailored to your reality because what we offer is not a pre-packaged method, but a change of approach and many practical tools to be modeled together and immediately apply with immediate benefits.

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Lean Thinking

Reducing waste, maximizing value, managing work and not people, evolving one's daily practices with order and efficiency.

Agile Manifesto

through fun and engaging group exercises, you can apply the principles of the Agile Manifesto and immediately measure its positive impact.

Scrum framework

in the words of its creators: "es;simple to understand, difficult to apply"es;. We will explain how to benefit from the world's most famous agile framework.

Kanban method

the lightest and most flexible method for true lean management, understanding how to apply Kanban will bring you balance, transparency and adaptability.

Change management practices

we give you rational and analytical tools to understand yourself and your organization during the most stressful moments of evolution, in which lucidity is a resource as precious as it is scarce.



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