Tired of spending all your budget on the license of CMS owners?

Drupal is the answer: powerful, open and with strong community support, modular and scalable.
The elimination of license costs will allow you freeing up resources to be reassigned to professionals who will ensure the success of your projects.

SparkFabrik will guide you in exploiting the infinite potential of Drupal. Our job is to select and design the right strategy and architecture, choosing functionality and modules. You can focus on your business and your contents. If you want, we can maintain and manage the project after the launch; however, since Drupal is fully portable, you will not be tied to a single agency at any stage of the project.

Do you still have doubts?

Drupal will help you save money: with low running costs and no license fees.

Drupal will help you save time: it allows you cutting content production time by automating many operations.

Drupal is open source: it relies on PHP/MySQL and is free to be used, modified and extended. It is supported by a large community of thousands of professionals and companies that contribute to the product.

Drupal is modular: with more than 26,000 modules, it will be easy to find the right one for you.

Drupal is portable: it cannot be tied to a specific supplier or platform, this makes it executable on most infrastructures.

Drupal is mature and well documented: it is an open source CMS widely adopted for over 10 years, and extraordinarily well documented.

Drupal is SEO and linked-data friendly: the optimizations are all within the core!

Drupal is not just a CMS: it is a development platform.

If you want to get more information, or start your Drupal project with us, contact us for an in- depth study or a complete demo of the tool.

We also remind you that SparkFabrik is Acquia partner for the supply of Drupal solutions.

Would you like more information about our DRUPAL services?
Write to info@sparkfabrik.com .


  • +

    Development of applications and custom publishing systems

  • +

    Development of evolutionary features on existing Drupal applications

  • +

    Emergency support for poorly designed Drupal applications, with our SparkCare plan

  • +

    Integrations with external/legacy systems

  • +

    Cloud hosting solutions to improve the performance of your application

  • +

    Security assessment on existing applications



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