If at the word "cloud" your mind goes to a VPS sold at commodity prices from one of the many vendors that flock to this market, you are missing out on something very interesting!

In the cloud paradigm, the resources necessary for services (calculation, storage, networking and services) are not predefined and pre-configured at the infrastructure level, but are delivered on demand, often with very low unit prices, so as to adapt the supply to the actual necessity of the moment.

Cloud is a response to the demand for flexibility and scale economy that permeates many aspects of modern digital culture. In a context populated by flexibility and speed of change, where the possibility of daily experimenting with ideas and solutions is vital for the evolution of a business, traditional infrastructures are sometimes not adequate.

Cloud is not the answer to all problems, but in the right context and if properly managed, it works as an innovation propeller, assurance of service quality and (often) also as an effective solution for reducing its own operating costs.

Knowing the particularities of such an elastic system is vital for real benefit. It is essential that the cloud approach permeates the entire supply chain, starting from the application that must be designed (or properly adapted) in order to operate in a dynamic environment with high automation.

Our cloud engineers are certified in the Kubernetes Kubernetes orchestrator through the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Program , created by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in collaboration with the Linux Foundation . The aim of the program is to ensure that the CKAs have the skills to administer infrastructures based on Kubernetes of any size, even in hybrid mode and on different cloud vendors.

As a supporter of the 12Factor Manifesto , we developed a mindset that allows us considering the Cloud as a fundamental and transversal component of all our processes, from design to development to training.

We can provide support to every aspect of a new Cloud infrastructure: software design, continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques, serverless architectures, and creation and management of Kubernetes-based environments.

We can take care of migration to the Cloud, from delivery of your services to public or private clouds, to integration with your current infrastructure, up to modernization of your traditional applications, so that they become cloud-native and even more competitive.

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