Agile is a very common word in the technological field, but as it happens to what becomes popular, its original meaning is often misrepresented.

Agile is not a method or a process, nor a miraculous solution for creating programs. On the contrary, it is a manifesto of values. These values engender an attitude towards the development of software that focuses on a user and his needs, before any other aspect.

An agile team focuses first and foremost on the quality perceived by the user, on his experience while using the product, on meeting needs and - consequently - the continuous improvement of production process and technology at the base of the product.

Over time, these values have shaped process frameworks that put into practice the principles of the Manifesto. There are many modern myths, both negative and positive, that surround these organizational tools, but the reality is that, in the right context, being agile brings tangible benefits and a consistent and measurable increase in quality.

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Delivers quickly and frequently

instead of investing time and resources in the definition of articulated specifications, hoping to correctly guess what needs users have, it prefers to release as soon as possible and very often small increases of product and observe how such increments are implemented, adapting plans accordingly.

Embrace change

changing plans is an opportunity, not a problem! The focus is not on “delivering what was agreed”, but on developing a successful product. If this means changing the program based on evidence (see previous point) or an unpredictable event that has shocked the scenario, no problem.

Focus on value, not work

work ennobles man. Doesn’t it? In our opinion, working is not in itself ennobling. Reduce waste, maximize product value, make the production process sustainable in order to keep performance high: this is ennobling.

Transparency, inspection, adaptation

Adapting to the needs of the product is not enough; even the production process can be constantly improved. It can be done by making policies transparent, detecting problems as soon as possible without hiding anything under the carpet, periodically inspecting the working methods and adapting them to reduce waste and increase the value delivered is part of the process, as well as writing a code.


Governing continuous change is not easy, but we know how to do it and how to benefit from it.

Certain conditions are needed to enjoy these benefits, but we know how to help our customers create them and put everything on the right track, starting with contracts that maximize trust between the parties, through a real risk control plan to establish devops practices that allow controlling the quality of our work every day, up to the definition of a clear and substantial product vision.

Take on your next project in an agile way in order to:

  • +

    Capitalize on what we will learn about your users and your market with frequent to the process.

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    Working in a context of extreme transparency.

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    Help us accommodate frequent changes to the scope of the project, rather than put ourselves in a position to reject them as inconsistent with the plan.



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