We are knowledge workers.

We mostly work by the feat of our brains. This means ideas are key to our value. And the more people we can get involved, the more ideas we have to build our value upon. Good ideas come from smart people. People that can express their value, speak their voice and contribute freely, with creativity and innovation, to the whole.

This is why in SparkFabrik, we value people over everything else.

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    We trust our skills, as those of our friends and colleagues. Aware of the nature and uniqueness of each individual, our mission is to highlight the strengths of our mates, helping them not to indulge defects.

    We assume to work with competent and willing people, with whom to grow and from whom to learn.

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    It happens that something goes wrong: maybe we argue on different opinions, or we shy away from displaying our ideas to avoid those arguments. Things don’t always come together easily.

    We know openness is what enables us to give and earn trust.

    We aren’t here to play a game, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    Help each other, particularly in overcoming our weaknesses, is what makes us grow. It is easy to help a colleague in troubles. It is way harder to acknowledge when we need help.

    We know when to ask someone more suitable to help us out on stressful tasks, so that the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

    Trust and openness will help us achieve this difficult goal, either we are offering or asking for support.
    And the company, as a third entity, lives with the support everyone gives.

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    Our is a stressful job: understand, break down and solve problems for our customers with clever solutions. It is often difficult and they want us to do it quickly and well. In those conditions it happens that our problems slip in the background, postponed or even blatantly ignored. But as we solve other’s problems, so we can do for ourselves.

    We just know that we can’t have everything at once: real solutions require patience and will.

    If you really could improve everything turning a switch, improvement wouldn’t be so important, after all. We can rely on the support, openness and trust of our mates: we must add patience and will to the magic potion.

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    We work to create value and the value is primarily expressed by quality. It is something we can feel, it’s more of an experience than a KPI. In addition, quality is not a destination but a journey. We are not really producing quality if tomorrow won’t be better than today and today better than yesterday. We work with determination, supporting each other with openness and trust, to grow one step at a time. .

    We want to be constantly satisfied with ourselves and let the value be the natural consequence of our days.