PHP Developer

We are looking for PHP developers with multi-tier and full-stack development skills, passion for this work and high commitment to personal improvement.

We search for professionals eager to join a solid and agile team, which operates in extreme quality on long-lasting projects for big customers and which thinks technology is a real driver for innovation.

SparkFabrik invests in the continuous evolution of devops practices and tools, for both distributed and localized teams. This allows us to bring our experience with open-source technologies to the Enterprise Cloud market.

Besides the fundamental PHP stacks, based on Laravel and Symfony, and on the open-source CMS Drupal 7+, there is frequent contact with tangential areas of development on the most popular frontend frameworks (mostly Angular and Vue), either for the daily teamwork with skilled frontend developers and for those who like to challenge themselves in full-stack development.


Junior developer requirements
  • Team spirit and constructive, respectful attitude towards customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • Passion for this job, interest in new technologies and desire to grow both technically and as a professional
  • A good knowledge of English, sufficient to read and write technical documentation
  • Professional experience on a custom PHP application or with an open-source product based on PHP
  • Good knowledge of OOP concepts
  • Good knowledge of dependency management tools such as Composer
  • Basic experience in the use of Git as a version control system
  • Basic experience with Unix operating systems (MacOS or Linux)
  • Basic knowledge of software testing and TDD
Senior developer additional requirements
  • Computer-science education (Experimental high school, Industrial/Technical Institute, University and above), plus 5 years of real working experience
  • Excellent knowledge of at least one of the Symfony 3+ and Laravel frameworks
  • Knowledge of the main architectural design patterns and their implementation with PHP
  • Experience in the implementation and consumption of REST APIs or multi-tier applications
  • Good knowledge of the principles of TDD and software testing (unit, functional, integration)
  • Advanced experience with Unix operating systems (MacOS or Linux)
  • Teamwork experience, can be in other work fields or as a freelance
  • Solid knowledge of Git, including major branching models
  • Full proficiency with English, that allows for discussions over technical topics in both written and spoken form
Professional level additional requirements
  • Professional experience as software architect and/or tech-lead on a real medium/long term project
  • Experience in the development of cloud-based, serverless or microservice applications
  • Full proficiency with container-based development stack
  • Professional experience in cloud-based or serverless applications development
  • Experience in the design of distributed systems
  • Experience in CI/CD pipeline development with major tools such as CircleCI, Travis , Jenkins, Gitlab, Github
  • Ability to design and realize different testing strategies and architectures, even on distributed platforms

Preferential qualifications

  • Work experience on enterprise projects
  • Certified experience or training on agile processes
  • Contributions to free/open-source projects
  • Experience as a speaker or volunteer in the organization of cons and events


As Junior or Senior Developer
  • You will join a team that realizes new solutions for our customers and carries out evolutionary maintenance on production software
  • You will report to your team leader and you will work together with your teammates, who will share your same commitment to quality and delivery
  • You will need to interface, where necessary, with technical or business customer representatives to collaborate and exchange information
  • You will have to work in compliance with our processes and practices, to deliver the highest possible quality within the limits of the project
  • You will have to receive and process information and triggers from within as well as from outside the company, give voice to your ideas and operate in harmony with your team
As Professional developer
  • You will cover the role of tech-lead or senior developer in a team that deals with developing new cutting-edge solutions for our customers and carries out evolutionary maintenance of projects already in production
  • You will report to your team leader and you will work together with your teammates, who will share your same commitment to quality and delivery
  • You will be involved in moments of confrontation with colleagues of your same level and with the company management over wide-ranging technical issues, reporting your experience and your ideas and taking charge of internal activities for the dissemination and development of new practices and tools, transversal to all teams
  • You will have to interface often, on behalf of your team, with technical or business customer representative to collaborate and exchange information, as to propose new ideas and identify unexpressed needs that can be satisfied by our services
  • You will have to work in accordance with our processes and practices, to deliver the highest possible quality within the limits of the project
  • You will be called to experiment and innovate, autonomously managing the business risk effectively and without negative impacts
  • You will receive and process triggers and information both internal and external to the company, give voice to your ideas and work in harmony with your team
  • You will need to support and stimulate the professional growth of your team members


Full-time employment. We are open to an initial collaboration as a contractor if preferred by the candidate.

Junior developer AGS: from €26.000 to €32.000
Senior developer AGS: from €32.000 to € 36.000
Professional developer AGS: from € 36.000 to € 42.000

The position is open for remote-workers or for those who want to join our office in Milan Repubblica / Centrale area), at the candidate’s preference.

Workplace & Culture

SparkFabrik is a Tech Company: technology and experimentation are part of our culture. We have our headquarters in Milan, easy to reach by public transportation (a few minutes walk from Central Station and the main metro and tram stops).

The work environment is young and informal. We value what you do and how well you do it. We work as a team, we help each other and we grow together with each project. We give everyone the freedom and responsibility to make their own decisions, within the boundaries of their position. Our recipe for innovation is based on balancing well-known and effective solutions with new and experimental paths: personal contribution and proactivity are always valued and we consider them to be fundamental aspects of each member of our team.

What we offer you

Our first goal is to guarantee professional recognition and respect for the people who work at SparkFabrik. What follows is our offer, entirely brought "on the table": so, if it does not fit your expectations, we won't waste your time.
  • A company culture oriented towards work and life quality
  • An organized and never stale path for growth, based on the assessment of tangible impacts you have on both the business and the company and on the definition of growth goals you can pursue with the support of the company
  • Opportunity to grow professionally with certification programs, courses and experimentation activities carried out during working hours
  • Flexibility in working hours and location, such as doing remote-work in the holidays seasons
  • Meal vouchers, fresh fruit, snacks, water and free coffee in the office
  • A top-notch, high-performance laptop running Linux operating system
  • Participation in conferences and events across Italy and Europe, preferably as a speaker
  • Opportunities for fun and relaxation (dinners, beers, team-building events, etc.) offered by SparkFabrik
Joining SparkFabrik means doing the job you love, in a team you can be proud of.

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