Look for your profile in our open positions and send us your CV. Come visit us, if you want to experience first hand the atmosphere you breathe in our office. Our workflow is transparent and documented in our PlayBook, we have put our values in black and white and you can read them in our Manifesto.

Javascript Developer

Rif: JS-2021-MA

We are looking for JavaScript and TypeScript developers for both front and back-end projects, passionate for this work and highly committed to personal improvement.

PHP Developer

Rif: PHP-2021-MA

We are looking for PHP developers with multi-tier and full-stack development skills, passion for this work and high commitment to personal improvement.

Cloud Native engineer


We are looking for experienced cloud native engineers with passion for this work and high commitment to personal improvement, skilled in on-premise cloud architectures and/or major public vendors.

Workplace & Culture

SparkFabrik is a Tech Company: technology and experimentation are part of our culture. We have our headquarters in Milan, easy to reach by public transportation (a few minutes walk from Central Station and the main metro and tram stops).

The work environment is young and informal. We value what you do and how well you do it. We work as a team, we help each other and we grow together with each project. We give everyone the freedom and responsibility to make their own decisions, within the boundaries of their position. Our recipe for innovation is based on balancing well-known and effective solutions with new and experimental paths: personal contribution and proactivity are always valued and we consider them to be fundamental aspects of each member of our team.

What we offer you

Our first goal is to guarantee professional recognition and respect for the people who work at SparkFabrik. What follows is our offer, entirely brought "on the table": so, if it does not fit your expectations, we won't waste your time.
  • A company culture oriented towards work and life quality
  • An organized and never stale path for growth, based on the assessment of tangible impacts you have on both the business and the company and on the definition of growth goals you can pursue with the support of the company
  • Opportunity to grow professionally with certification programs, courses and experimentation activities carried out during working hours
  • Flexibility in working hours and location, such as doing remote-work in the holidays seasons
  • Meal vouchers, fresh fruit, snacks, water and free coffee in the office
  • A top-notch, high-performance laptop running Linux operating system
  • Participation in conferences and events across Italy and Europe, preferably as a speaker
  • Opportunities for fun and relaxation (dinners, beers, team-building events, etc.) offered by SparkFabrik
Joining SparkFabrik means doing the job you love, in a team you can be proud of.